Can’t Logout, Won’t Logout

I loved this…

En Route Life

My name is Ricko and I am an internet addict. I break as if to let them mark my name on a google sheet. I rub that off my mind – perhaps these people use some foolscap. I wonder if I can spell it right. I should remember to look it up on Answers.Com tonight. Fullscap. Foolscap. It’s one of those, I know for sure. They are staring. I don’t like staring. I don’t even like eyes. I feel a thin line of sweat trickle down my midrib.

I adjust my large-rimmed glasses. My hands are shaking, I notice. I notice something else too – the skinny kid by the corner is staring at my fingers. I fumble- dammit – I fumble some more. He thinks I am fat. I am only a little on the heavy side. I promise I will exercise when I get time off developing that…

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