Sodom and Nairobi West

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En Route Life

My stay in Nairobi has become quite the misery since I moved westwards. The usual suspect problems of traffic jam and pick-pocketing would have bothered me, ordinarily, but not in this case. I am battling greater wars. So great in fact that I believe my lungs are on the verge of a breakdown. You may think I exaggerate.

You imagine this. That a bunch of unruly, middle class Kenyans, day in day out, choose to pitch camp in the stuffy and suffocating space of their four by four wheels (usually overly pimped Subarus) in what I never quite understand. I do not understand, but I do imagine. With suspicious white fuzzy smoke letting off the mysteriously dark windows, a reflection of expensive gadgets far and wide revealing against the tints, you will let your thoughts wonder too. That is not all that happens therein. The ensemble goes almost complete with…

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